How to Create My Own Blog: The Top Blogging Questions


How to Create My Own Blog: The Top Blogging Questions

How To Create My Own Blog? Interested in Starting a Blog? I have offered responses to the top blogging questions answered

What blogging platform should we use?

The top question everyone asks and is puzzled about is what is the best blogging platform to utilize? Well, in order to address this, you need to first understand that the most popular platforms are Word press, Drupal and Joomla.

The action I always provide to people are exactly what type of site do you want to develop and accomplish from it. If you want to begin an ecommerce website, then I recommend Word press as it has plugins that will permit you to arrange and customize your items inning accordance with your requirements. You can also add the PayPal plugin to get payments extremely easily.

In order to make a decision you need to go over all the platforms and see which one matches you. I constantly use word press since I am comfy with it and it's simple to use.

The number of posts should I compose before introducing the blog/ site?

I strongly think that if you are going to start a blog or site you ought to start right now. Stop thinking excessive, because the more you think the lazier you will get and postpone the entire procedure.

When you begin writing a post every day and including material it will assist you get indexed by online search engine such as Google, yahoo etc. Likewise once you begin publishing you can find out as you go how you wish to tweak the site and design it to look excellent. When I initially began my blog Startupily I simply went all in. I did not even understand how to utilize word press to be honest. I began publishing and as I went made modifications to the material, display screen and style of it. Startupily has gone through various modifications over the previous 6 months.

How long should the content be?

There are countless blogs out there that may be discussing the very same stuff you are. So keep your material detailed, include photos and make it look attractive. Most of all you must understand exactly what you are discussing. Your content must be the only info your audience checks out so he does not need to go searching for more information. If he does, then you have failed.

On average if you look at the top blogs that are currently online you would see that they release in between 1,600-- 2,000 words. Don't let this dissuade you. Simply start with even a 1000 words, as time goes on with experience you will have the ability to write more.

How do I construct visitor loyalty?

If you want to build a following and have people come back again and once again to your blog you need to think about adding an e-mail decide in service on your site. When people decide in to your e-mail list this means they are interested in exactly what you state and want to learn more from you.

Individuals will just decide in if you are offering them with value. For my fans on Startupily, I supply them with FREE eBooks, organisation pointers and resources and also sometimes send them business files like; business strategy & marketing templates, monetary worksheets, SEO and social media marketing tips.

There is huge competition in blogging so you need to stand apart and figure out a way to differentiate your self from the others. Once you have collected enough email subscribers you can produce a funnel showcasing your content and services. Subscribers will promote you among their community since they trust you and this will help build your commitment.

How can we promote the material?

There are several methods to promote your content once you have written them. You can set up social media plugins to your blog. Plugins will enable the reader to share the details you publish among their social media buddies, household and so on. This will help increase your modifications to obtain more views and new email subscribers.

Facebook, twitter, Google+ and Pinterest are the primary social media platforms where there are millions of individuals sharing content everyday. So ensure you have these platforms all set on your blog.

Another excellent way to obtain your content viewed to more individuals is by using #hashtags, tagging individuals you know in posts and essential of all know what days and time of the day to publish your material. This is extremely important.

Is starting a blog costly?

I get this question all the time. What does it cost? does it cost? Is it expensive? I cannot manage it. I keep telling individuals that it will be the best investment you ever make.

Establishing a blog costs only $30-40 a year. A domain costs $9.99 - $14.99 each year and hosting only $6.99 each year. Once you acquire the domain and hosting you ready to go.

I utilize Blue Host. I think it is the best domain and web hosting website out there. There webhosting starts at $3.49 monthly as well as supply complimentary domain, complimentary website builders, 1 click word press install and 24/7 assistances. This is cheap as hell. You ought to get going with Blue Host today.

Exactly what if individuals post negative talk about my blog?

I keep in mind a single person was reluctant to start a blog due to the fact that he was scared that individuals may right unfavorable discuss it. I spoke to him for an excellent hour and explained that it is really great to obtain negative comments. By doing this you can start a dispute and get a various point of view on the subject. This will also motivate other individuals to talk about the blog as well. 

The more comments the better. People may even share the discuss their social networks pages to obtain more viewers and others to offer their input also.

How do I make a living from my Blog?

There are so many blog writers I have actually interviewed who are making a fortune from their blogs. It is unreal.

Once you begin blogging it will open up numerous doors for you to make money. When you get a great following and subscribers you can sell marketing space on your blog. People will wish to market their products on it and pay you a weekly or month-to-month fee.

You can register with Google AdSense and create an account. Then paste the coding into your word press html section and have actually advertisements placed on your blog. When people click these advertisements you will make a specific portion from this.

Another great way to make income is to join affiliate sites. You can promote and sell other individuals's products on your site. When viewers acquire that product from your site you will make a commission from it.

Where should I put my Email Opt In Form?

The best locations to keep your email opt in form is:
  • It needs to be put at the top corner of your blogs side bar so it shows up and people can read it as quickly as they view your site.
  • You can also include it at the bottom of the content you publish. When visitors read your material they will be interested to see what more you need to offer and willingly sign up to be your subscriber.
  • You can also have a turn up form that shows after a couple of seconds of going to the website. This turn up type ought to definitely provide a free eBook that will help the reader in his own blog or business. Some individuals have asked me do not you believe it is sort of like an in your face method and may discourage people to explain? That is true in some sense but if you provide value to the reader then they would wish to get more info.

How Can I Get Help for my blog?

The very best method to get help is to obtain in touch with senior blog writers who are professionals in their specific niche. You can contact them straight and ask them for some assistance. Normally they are very friendly and are constantly happy to give a few suggestions to help you get going. They were also in your shoes in the past.

If you need extra aid for your blog you can also do a fast Google search, communicate with other individuals utilizing forums, competitors blogs, visitor posts, you can watch webinars on YouTube, register to site and blogging courses on Udemy.

How should I pick a Visitor blogger?

When choosing a visitor blogger make certain you review their previous work and content that they may have published so you get a feel of their work. You need to definitely make certain that they have not published the very same material prior to as Google will punish you for that and it can also impact your rankings.

On Page SEO Fundamentals

This is crucial when it pertains to publishing content. You must make sure you have the following components optimized;
  • Meta Title-- The page must have the target keyword within the title of your material.
  • URL-- If you are utilizing Word press then you ought to have the permalinks to "post name" so the URL will be created using the keyword within your title. Google should be able to read the keyword within the title and URL for better indexing.
  • Material-- You ought to have a keyword density of 2% - 4%. If you have composed content of 1,200 words or more it will offer you sufficient room to spread out the keyword through out the content. You should also format the keywords properly using strong, italic, H1, H2, H3 etc. 
  • Meta Description-- The description must be 150- 160 characters long and enhanced with your keyword. The Meta description will be shown to the reader when they do a quick Google search. It should be detailed and to the point so when people read it they understand what it will have to do with.

Does the blog design truly matter?

Blog design is the most essential things to consider when starting. If your style isn't professional or appealing individuals will leave your site right away. The blog design will increase the time frame the user spends on your site. Google has actually specified that an excellent design can assist boost rankings within the SERP's.

You need to make sure that there is a clear navigation menu where individuals can click on the additional pages on the site. You ought to have a solid internal connecting structure as this will assist in indexing your site much better and increase the page authority.

The website layout should be well thought out with sidebars, header and footers. The website ought to pack up really quick as most people close a website if it takes too long to load. The Perfect loading speed needs to be around 3 seconds if it takes longer than that then it get harm your SERP's and devalue the user experience.

How should I detect spam messages?

If you are using Word Press than I am sure you have actually been affected with spam messages. The advantage is that word press currently has a spam plugin included in it when you download it; all you have to do is activate it.

Akismet: The plugin is extremely basic and is already included in word press. It immediately discovers SPAM and will send it to the junk folder.

What styles should I use, Free or Premium?

This really depends on your budget plan and how you desire your blog to appear like. There are many excellent totally free styles you can download from word press that gets the job done. All styles can be tailored and altered inning accordance with your requirements as long as you know how to utilize them.

If you want to spend some money on an exceptional theme, then there are many locations where you can get them. My favourite is Elegant Themes as they have range of easy to utilize, modern and innovative styles to make your blog or website look amazing. Click here to examine them out.

Another excellent place to obtain themes from is Design template Beast. They have a range of over 46,000 styles to select from and you can choose a style and download it in 3 clicks. Pick from the variety of templates here.

Exactly what are the best Social Media Networks?

In my opinion I think the best social media networks are Facebook, twitter, Google + and Pinterest if you share a great deal of photos. There have to do with millions of users that utilize these networks and will allow you to get much better lead to promoting your company or item.

To obtain the most views on your content you need to find out the best ways to affectively utilize #hashtags and publishing high quality content. Do not over spam your readers as they will be dissuaded and unfollow you. You should post a couple of times a day about your blog but also engage with your followers. You should make them feel that you are a real person and have value to offer.

You can likewise use tools such as Google analytics to track the number of people read your content, how many clicks you get on them and who is sharing exactly what. By doing this you can make changes to the content you supply to get more viewers.

Ways to include Social Sharing buttons:
There are several social sharing button plugins to download when utilizing word press. Nevertheless, I think the best one to utilize is Optin Skin.

They have a choice of great opt in forms and social share boxes which you can download within seconds.

Optin Skin will allow you to improve your social engagement within an extremely short amount of time. It is important to utilize a plugin that will offer you with total stats on the number of individuals shared your material and which platforms it was shared on. This can assist you to identify what social networks platform is the most reliable.

The Best ways to find Twitter fans
When creating your twitter account, you ought to fill in all relevant information such as; profile info, website address and description. Once this is set up you can search for the most prominent people on twitter who relate to your specific niche service. This will allow you to read their posts and study what they are promoting to there followers. You ought to likewise follow them and go through their lists to see if you can get in touch with other influential company owner.

Should I market my business by utilizing Facebook Ads?

This actually depends upon your marketing budget plan and company. Facebook most likely has the very best marketing platform compared with other social networks networks. This is since it will permit you to target particular audiences, geo target, choose age group, interests and classifications. It can be used efficiently if you target your company to the right audience.

There are also other ways of promoting your company; you can work with a SEO team, paid directory sites, PPV and also banner advertisements. Start little and track your result in find out if you are getting high conversions where you're really making more money than you're investing.

The best ways to utilize Trigger Action Words
Trigger action words are also referred to as "call to action" words. A call to action can be a text or image showing the visitor how to take advantage of the promo or product. You have actually probably seen these words quite often.
  • Click on this link
  • Purchase Now
  • Free Trial
  • Download Now
  • Subscribe Now
These are exactly what you call Trigger Action words. They are used very typically and in my experience some words can be utilized well than others. If you can think about other trigger action words then that could yield excellent results.

If you are using a product on sale then using the term "totally free trial" transforms well since it offer individuals a change to attempt the item out free of charge then if they are interested in it they can buy it.

If you are promoting an eBook free of charge then using the words "Download Free now" will get you a lot more readers.

How Can I get my website indexed by Google?

Once you have actually published your blog and are promoting it to bring in visitors then you need to also make sure that your website is indexed by Google.

Firstly, make sure you have completed the on page optimization SEO area this will help during the indexing process. The next action is to register for Google Webmaster tools so you can include your URL, which will prompt Google to index your site. Within Google Webmaster tools you will have complete control over your website and after that its essential to send the following to make sure whatever has been set up and optimized correctly.

You should include sitemap.xml, which will supply a breakdown of your pages, material in an arranged way. After this you ought to include your Robots.txt status, making sure you have no commands obstructing your crawling process. To start off, you need to do the following:
  • Publish your website
  • Send Sitemap.xml
  • Inspect Robots.txt

Exactly what is the difference between No Follow & Do Follow?

This is essential when developing your blog and links. When you mark a link as no follow then it is suggesting to Google they should not follow the page or don't follow the link. This is not good for individuals building backlinks since every link you put on the page is indicating your site wont be counted as important information.

It is motivated to construct links from pages revealing a Do Follow characteristic. A do follow link will be indexed and counted as an external link to another site. Now that links on the page will be counted, it is essential to find relevant websites of value to build links from to your blog.

What are Strong Domain and Page Authority?

Solid domain and page authority are two important metrics to consider the worth of a site. If the number is higher the more value on the page and this suggests a remarkable opportunity for a link to your site.

You can inspect these metrics by using a simple tool like to examine the domain and page authority. Get in the website URL to the area offered at You will notice the following info; Domain authority, page authority, backlinks and URL's.

The most crucial metrics to take note of are the Domain and Page authority. Specialist suggestions has actually always been that Domain Authority need to be 25+ and page authority must also be 25+.

What do these numbers indicate? It indicates that the website has been around for a long time, they have developed reliability through their content, they are large websites, which equates to more value and they are trusted source of info.

Don't fret if your website does not rank within those numbers as it takes a lot of time and consistent marketing to obtain there. Be patient and work on it.

Which Search Engines should I be ranked on?

People typically ask me if there website is ranked on the first page of Google they will be ranked the same on Bing or yahoo. This is not needed the case as Bing and yahoo have different requirements's. 

You ought to go over their ranking system and see what factors they think are very important to be ranked high.

In order to be ranked well on all online search engine I would recommend the following;.
  • Develop a natural link profile and concentrate on quality rather than amount.
  • Keyword research is crucial in all 3 significant online search engine; Google, Yahoo and Bing.
  • Follow the guidelines.
  • Build links slow and stable.

Exactly what are backlinks and how will they help my site?

Backlinks are the backbone of Google's search engine and are essentially links pointing from one website to another. Google produced a structure system, which is like a piece of literature. A high authority website constructing a backlink to another shows the external sites is of value. How this will assist you? Having high quality backlinks to your site will increase the general authority of your website and will boost rankings within the SERP. You should just get backlinks from site with high quality so they include worth to your website. Links from low quality sites can have a reverse impact to your ranking.

How can Google discover and index a website?

Search engines like Google or Bing utilize an advanced system to index and rank your website according to the particular target keyword you choose. Getting ranked will take rather some time and consistent marketing and promoting of the site.

As soon as the site is live, at first Google uses spider bots to find and crawl your website. Spider bots are made by an advanced coding system that evaluate your website and go through all the pages to gather the data and details listed. In order for the spider bots to do there job correctly you must do the following:.
  • Your keyword should be positioned in all the correct spots of the website; title, content and the web URL Link.
  • There need to be an appropriate structure of the site so the bots can browse from one page to another.
  • You must have a sitemap.xml file set up.
  • A SEO plugin should be set up on to your site to guarantee you construct worth to the website.

White Hat Vs. Black Hat SEO Campaigns.

White Hat SEO strategy is permitted by Google and is considered genuine when you are enhancing your site. This is done when you build links sluggish and constant but consistent, when you write high quality content and details that produce a great deal of views.

Google does not like Black Hat SEO strategies and condemns them from being utilized. This method can really impact your projects and make you rank badly on the search engines. Black Hat is releasing low quality link building through software application, PBN's, low quality material, spamming, etc. 

How to Keep Track of My Keyword Rankings?

Google Webmaster is a great way to track keyword rankings however they only show the average, NOT the existing position of the keywords. For these factors you need to check out to keep track of all the keywords you select. They supply a FREE trial to utilize and after that it is just a few dollars each month for 50 keywords.

Typical text formats to utilize in material?

When composing material on your blog you must know the text formats you can and should utilize; such as using strong, italic, highlight, H1, H2 and H3 headings. This will allow your material to stick out for your readers and assist online search engine like Google to monitor the material. This will likewise help your blog to rank greater on online search engine in addition to aid Alexa rankings etc. 

When I write content for my blog posts I generally the following components
  • Heading 1
  • Heading 2
  • Bold
  • Underline

Automating Link Structure
My recommendations would be NOT to automate the link structure procedure because it can really get you prohibited, as you are not using the guidelines. If you want to automate the procedure, then look into outsourcing your SEO project. A lot of huge firms that have huge budgets for digital marketing usually outsource it to SEO advancement business.

Your website is disappointing up on Google after sending it?

There are more than billion websites online at this very minute and Google is in charge of ensuring they all get indexed. Google does have an advanced system in place but it does take rather a long time to get indexed as it is a lengthy procedure and can not be done within a couple of days. If you have submitted your website to Google, then you ought to await at least 3 months prior to you see your website with the SERPs.

There are also other factors that you must consider that identifies the rate at which your site gets indexed.
  • The quantity of times you release content
  • Hyperlinks being constructed to your page at any given time
  • Material change frequency

Do you think about visitor blog links effective?

The head of Google Spam Matt Cutts has actually stated visitor posts that hold any considerable value. Due to this many individuals have actually stopped doing guest posts. Nevertheless, for instance, if you write a visitor post for a blogger who is popular and has a high authority blog with countless readers per day it will assist increase your posts brand awareness and external links.

People who read high authority blogs would read your post, like it, decide in to your e-mail subscriber list and share it amongst their social networks followers and this will assist transform a high CTR. This will help your blog to obtain new followers/ readers each day and can help you increase your service also.

Is broken link building affective?

Damaged link structure is very important and effective if it's done properly. Often high authority broken links need to be changed and you can utilize it with these techniques.
  • Look for niche appropriate blogs with content. The best pages are those that detail resources since they note links and this could imply a greater modification of '1' being broken.
  • You can run a totally free tool like 'examine my links' that you can set up to your Google chrome internet browser or any other browser you utilize that will show you the link is broken.
  • Write comparable content of better quality and send it to blog owners. You can also tell them that their link is broken and given that you have actually currently written the content for them they can replace it with yours and offer you credit.

Terrific tools to use for doing SEO

There are a number of tools you can use for SEO and you need to certainly attempt these ones out.
  • Inspect my links: Great tool to find broken backlinks on a page
  • Majestic SEO-- A tool that offers trust and citation circulation of a URL
  • Google analytics-- An excellent tool to inspect your bounce rates, traffic, geographic place, gadgets and landing pages.
  • Keyword coordinator - Discover the very best keywords to utilize in your posts
  • Google Web designer tools-- This is used for indexing sites, charges upgrade, crawling links and questions.

What is Keyword Density?

Keyword density is important aspect to think about in search engine optimization due to the fact that it will guarantee your content is smooth and not loaded with keywords that is packing your content. Google does not like keyword stuffing and might affect your ranking if you do.

Keyword density as per each post you release must be in between 2-- 4% so it streams naturally and makes sense to the reader. Keyword density typically alters depending upon word count of the post.

There is a tool for this too called SEOpressor. It instantly alters the density based on word count. You need to pay a little charge for utilizing it but it is well worth it.

Exactly what is link masking?

When your blog is up and running you can begin to promote items on it. It is recommended to use link cloaking when promoting other people's products. Cloaking transforms the affiliate link to something cleaner and much shorter in regards to url. If you are promoting an item with a link like: the person clicking it will understand it is an affiliate link and will be discouraged to acquire the item from there. The best thing to do is to mask it and make the link look like

Should I send my blog to paid link directory sites?

Connect directories can be a crucial source for link juice. Paid link directories have been around for rather a long time now. You must choose one that pertains to your specific niche with high domain and page authority. Paid link directory sites can cost between $10-- 50. The most pricey ones enable deep linking so you'll be getting link juice to your home page and other pages you choose.

You need to pay close attention to the following
  • Directory importance
  • Use to see domain and page authority
  • View traffic circulation and page rank
Thanks for taking the time to read my article about How to Create My Own Blog: The Top Blogging Questions. You should continue searching for additional information to help you.

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